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Vijay Goyal

30 Year ago I went to a civil hospital in Bathinda to check up my son, where I saw a poor man who came in hospital for treatment of his disease. But doctor get him out from his room because of bad smell of his body. Also outside the doctor's room there was another man whose foot was badly damaged and he was crying for getting treatment for his foot,but no one listen to his painful voice. I tried to give him some help but couldn't do anything.Doctor and staff did not care about them.I feel weeping inside even I could not help them.Some one inform me There are lot of cases where hospital didn't bother about them like wounded ,orphan patents.patent came to hospital wise versa hospital left them at railway station without any treatment all these incidence thrilled me.I think where should these suffering people go? I decided I will Provided life time services to these suffering people.In Bathinda city saw naked orphan people here and there I felt very much regret to see these people.In 1988 I saw a mentally disturb patent on the road side his wounded leg dressed with medicine.I noticed foul smell.I Pick him at a separate place.when I open his dressing then his wounded Leg horrified me as worms passing through his leg.I carried to a well known in Bathinda.He denied to treat him at he said please do not call me fall these patents.through the help with Mr Shanker we treated him and cleaned his leg from worms.I gathered my like mind associated people for the service of treatment of orphan people, cremation of unidentified dead bodies etc.. because police was not performing respectfully ceremonial cremation of these unidentified dead bodies.we also treated wounded animals in this 1 Dec 1989 I begin one organization and did a Marriage of poor girl.after that organization was on incensing of young people prepared for these suffering people.Then sahara club came in to exist.In 1994 brought a Metadore ambulance for the social a day organisation have 10 ambulances.In 2000 we rename the organization as Sahara Jan Sewa.We decided to treat these orphan in tent on the road side.We begin to cremate these Unidentified bodies through ceremonial/religious 1 Dec 2003 one AIDS women Was hospitalized in civil hospital by sahara Group.A two year girl child was A company with this AIDS lady.both were suffering from aids.after ten day that lady died.after death of that lady "MR.VIJAY GOYAL" adopted that child.know today she is 16 year old daughter of GOYAL FAMILY. sahara jan sewa is according to "SHRI GURU GOBIND SINGH SAHIB JI" words "MANAS KI JAAT SABHE EKE PEHCHANBO ".SAHARA JAN SEWA treated orphan suffering people with in the Punjab and out side well.In the summer there is free service of cold purify water in this area.I dream that there is a treatment of orphan people and unconsidered people of society through the well manage method and full fill of high living standard.


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